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problem with centering

Posted: Sun Mar 14, 2021 6:35 pm
by TK7
have a problem using the centering function when I'm in flight sims. If I am looking upward at another airplane & I then center my view back to original center position of my own instrument panel or gunsight by using the centering key, I find that I get my original center view back, but can no longer look up at the other airplane . The center position gets redefined because I hit the centering button while looking up.
I see this mentioned in the user manual :
"The Center hotkey allows you to re-center your in-game view. Every time the Center hotkey is pressed, it re-defines your current head position as the new center."
This explanation doesn't seem quite correct though. If I'm looking up and hit the centering key, I can no longer look upward again at all, or can look upward only a short way. The only way to get back to looking up again is to look downward & then hit the centering key again. By then, what I was looking at in the first place is gone.( I hope I explained this OK).
Is there any way to have the centering key just have you go back to the original center view and original parameters without re-defining the center position? To me, this is my biggest problem using Track Ir.