dll interface & frozen data frame

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dll interface & frozen data frame

Post by YoavGold » Sun Jun 13, 2021 3:41 am

Hi all,
Ive installed the TrackIR5 version 5.4.2 on my Win10 laptop.
I wanted to write a console application that reads periodic data from the tracker and uses them for different calculations.
I performed the following :
1. Turned the TrackIR5.exe application on
2. Connected the Camera and the TrackClip to the USB
3. made sure the gestures I'm performing with the clip are properly reflected in the TrackIR5.exe application UI.
4. Turned my application on my application (that uses the NPClientWraps files), this is my Init sequence :
a. NPClient_Init(dllPath)
b. NP_RegisterWindowHandle( GetConsoleWindow());
c. NP_QueryVersion(&nVer); //This method returns 1280
d. NP_RequestData(DataFields); // enbabling 6 bits on DataFields
e. NP_RegisterProgramProfileID(NP_DEVELOPER_ID); // NP_DEVELOPER_ID = 1000, this method returned "8" instead of "0" (NP_OK).
f. NP_StopCursor();
g. NP_StartDataTransmission();
at this point I'm reading periodically the tracker data using NP_GetData(&tid);

The problem is that NP_GetData(&tid) is returning 0 ("NP_OP") but I receive the same frozen data frame (same frame number & data) every call I make.
I also tried using the simulation tool TrackIRServ.exe instead of the TrackIR5.exe. This worked perfectly and all values reported from the simulation arrived properly to my application.

Any thougts?

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