Mouse alternative?

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Mouse alternative?

Post by Ebi » Fri Sep 03, 2021 4:53 am

Hi everyone!
I have suffered from RSI for over a decade now and having finally come to the conclusion that it will never go away, I've decided to try and build a (mostly) handsfree environment for my computer.

I was all set on getting Smartnav 4, which I'd looked into some years ago, but unfortunately that is no longer an option. :cry: please bring it back one day. :D

So, I was wondering: Can I use TrackIr 5 as a mouse replacement?

All I really need it to do is move the cursor around the screen(s). I can click with the help of speechrecognition software and/or footpedals.
I have no interest in using it for gaming and such (I mean, it's a plus but not my main concern), I just want to be able to move a cursor around in any application I'm working in. :)

I know there are other alternatives for Smartnav, but most of those are not available in my country or they're subscription based (e.g. Smylemouse), which just doesn't sit well with me. Hence, if TrackIr 5 can help me move the cursor around handsfree, I'd rather go with that.

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