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Error updating Games List.

Posted: Mon Mar 01, 2021 10:11 am
by Paulo320
I have a new Windows 10 PC and Downloaded the latest version of TrackIR5 Microsoft Flight Sim 2020 is not showing up in the list of games supported so I tried Updating the Games List. However, I keep getting an ERROR message each and every time I've tried updating the latest games list. I Turned OFF my firewall, I removed and reinstalled TR5 several times, I verified I have good Internet access during process, I unplugged the unit and I continue to have this error message each time:

An error occurred while contacting the update server. The error was: The data is invalid.

Please Help!

Windows 10 64bit
Brand New Computer
TrackIR works and tracks head movements just fine but will not work in MSFS 2020.