Insight VCS Motionbuilder 3.3 Plugin

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Insight VCS Motionbuilder 3.3 Plugin

Post by s.tracy » Tue May 11, 2021 1:37 pm

Hello all!

Recently, I was attempting to setup my Insight VCS within the MotionBuilder plugin and I ran into some issues. Following the guide listed on the OptiTrack website ( ... obu-plugin) on page 21 of 39 when I install the MotionBuilder plugin I cannot find it within the MotionBuilder Asset Browser. I am unsure whether this is simply because the installer is a bit esoteric or if the installer is just out of date? (When installing it offers a latest version from 2018?) We have used the StretchSense Gloves within MotionBuilder as well so I know that it can install other software to be used within the OptiTrack App and MotionBuilder. Is it possible that I have to download a previous version of MotionBuilder to run the Insght VCS?

Then, I also have some general questions about the VCS. I apologize if I do not sound like a motion capture or virtual camera veteran but I was just looking to update my knowledge on the hardware. When I plug the HDMI out into the Mux of the VCS I don't get a signal to the output screen, however, I do get a feed if I plug the HDMI out directly into the HD monitor. I assume this is because I do not have the appropriate drivers for the VCS that would be updated once the Insight VCS is opened within MotionBuilder, but is there a chance that there should still be a feed to monitor even without any software or MotionBuilder whatsoever? If it is the case that there should be a feed, what would be the problem assuming all of the LEDs are indicating appropriately EXCEPT the blue LED indicated HDMI feed in from the demux is off but the blue LED from the mux is on so something has to be going wrong there. Lastly, I was wondering if the VCS was supposed to show up on the PC under devices (due to the USB connection?) or what exactly the need for it is? (I assume it is to send location data to MoBu and OptiTrack in order to position the VCS once it is applied to the scene?)

Lastly, if there are any really well documented tutorials on the Insight VCS and MotionBuilder from preferably 2020 or later and you could direct me to those I would really appreciate it! Sorry for the long post, but I assume if I need help someone else somewhere else might need it too! :D

Thanks all!

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