Insight VCS Plugin in Maya - Latency issues.

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Insight VCS Plugin in Maya - Latency issues.

Post by Chamonix101 » Thu Jan 26, 2012 4:24 pm

I am having some issues getting Maya to work smoothly with the VCS Insight plugin.
Arena is doing it's part just fine and the connection to Motion builder works reasonably well.

In Maya the live perspective view (the camera that is connected to the streaming data from Arena) is sluggish and seems to have a lot of latency. The Sample rate is at 100 fps. At this time I am not even playing the timeline.

I will be experimenting with very simple scenes and increasing the amount of geometry to see where the limits are.

How much RAM should my Maya machine have for this system? Currently I have 6Gb and running on Windows7 . I also wondered whether there are any known pitfalls, or tips for making the system work as efficiently as possible? Or a kind of protocol I should follow?


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Re: Insight VCS Plugin in Maya - Latency issues.

Post by morgan » Fri Jan 27, 2012 11:26 am

Couple of quick questions:

- What is your viewport framerate in Maya?

- Are you using the default viewport renderer or Viewport 2.0 (recommended)?

- Is this during animation/timeline playback or not?

- Does the framerate change significantly if you switch to wireframe rendering (e.g. texture/memory/fill bound versus polygon bound).

- What video board/RAM are you using?

- What is your mobu framerate for same scene?

In general, for Maya, the recommendation is to throw everything you've got at it, in terms of processor count and speed, RAM, and video board (Quadro/workstation level recommended).

Also tesst show Mobu more efficient at rendering same scenes against maya default renderer. VP 2.0 should be closer.


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