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[For Sale] Six Prime 13 cameras. UK.

Buy and sell used OptiTrack equipment.

by huhwhatlove » Mon Mar 20, 2017 8:43 am

I have a brand new set of Prime 13 cameras for sale, I'm in London, England.

We've used the cameras twice (one to test, another to demo to client), but the client no longer wants to proceed with the project. Hence the sale.
System was delivered to us on 26th January 2017.
Some markers and adhesive have been used, but otherwise brand new, still in original Optitrack packaging!

6 x Prime 13 cameras
7 x Ethernet cables
1 x Cisco switch
1 x Hardware key
1 x Motive:Tracker software license (actived Jan/Feb, has around 10 months of free updates left)
1 x Intel NIC
1 x Focus tool
1 x Calibration Square
1 x Calibration Wand
1 x Optitrack sample marker pack, containing 5 units of 24 different marker types (around 120 markers/bases in total)
1 x Optitrack sample m4 thread containing ~8 markers
1 x Optirack marker rigid body base

Net Value is £12,945
Will accept £9,945 plus VAT.

We can provide an invoice.
Shipping is free within the UK.

If you're interested please email
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