MOTIVE 2 / Flex 3x12cameras / Arena Expression

Buy and sell used OptiTrack equipment.
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MOTIVE 2 / Flex 3x12cameras / Arena Expression

Post by wicq » Sun Sep 17, 2017 10:55 pm


Im selling a complete optitrack flex 3 system

What´s in the box:

Optitrack motive 2 updates until february 9 2018
Optitrack Arena Expression
1 x hardware key
12 x flex 3/v100R2 Cameras Perfect Condition
12 x USB cables(5m)
12 x Genereic Clamps with head tripod
2 x Optihubs
2 x long USB active Cables for Optihubs
1 x divided in 3 very long sync cable to sync the optihubs
2 x Power Bricks for Optihubs
2 x Mocap Suit (1M and 1L) every suit has its own bag
1 x set of about 60 Makers(Hasnt really checked the exact amount)
6 x Hand rigid body
1 x Calibration Wand 500mm
1 x Calibration Wand 200mm
1 x Ground Calibration Square
1 x Hardcase, everything comes inside a big hard case

Check here:
In this next video you can check the version of motive and license Updates expiration date as well as Body and FINGER TRACKING:
For this, I give a pair of special tight gloves ready with markers for finger tracking.
This next video show you Arena Expression, not in use but you can see it´s licensed and working:

You can set this system up to an 8x8 meters area, and this sytem is very useful for small or medium studios that wishes to have very realistic motion capture animation.
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I can ship to any part of the world.

If you are interested, send me a message to

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