16X Prime 13 with 3 suits

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16X Prime 13 with 3 suits

Post by evengi » Mon Dec 18, 2017 1:02 am

16X Opti track Prime 13 with tree suits and markers, full system for sale.
The package contains everything needed (Except a computer) to do motion capture for tree people.

The system is in very good condition. The suits and markers has minor wear.

Specs and content:
1x CS-400 CS-400 Micron Series Calibration Square
1x CW-500 CW-500 Calibration Wand Kit
17x CBL1035 Ethernet Cable, Cat6: 50ft
1x SWT1070 NETGEAR ProSafe 24-port Gigabit Smart Switch with PoE+ and 4 SFP (GS728TPP)
1 HDWKEY Hardware Key
16x TRA1010 Manfrotto Super Clamp with 3-Way Head
3x MCP1230 Marker Set: 14mm w/ X-Base
2x MCP1190 Motion Capture Foot Wrap: Large/X-Large
1x MCP1185 Motion Capture Foot Wrap: Medium
3xMCP1175 Motion Capture Hand/Finger Markers: 10 Count
2x MCP1030 OptiTrack Motion Capture Suit: Adult Large
1x MCP1035 OptiTrack Motion Capture Suit: Adult Medium
1x MTV-BDY Motive Body License, Activated April 2017.
1x MOD1011 Network Card: Intel EXPI9301CTBLK PCI-Express
16x P13-FSBP OptiTrack Prime 13 - Filter Switcher 850nm Band-Pass (IR) / 700nm (Visible)
16x LENS0013 5.5mm, Wide Band AR Coated, M12 1/1.8" Lens
1x ACC0033 Prime 13 Lens Focus Tool 24mm

The system was bought for a mission project with the intent of selling the equipment after project recording has ended.
The recording was done in a studio over the duration of tree months. I am are wery satisfied with the final result, and want to sell the equipment as we now continue with our post production.

We bought the system in April 2017 for about 49.500 USD, including taxes/vat.
We sell it with a 15% loss at 42.000 USD.

I would like to sell the system complete, and I can ship world wide.
Roger Gihlemoen

Please contact me on:rgihlemoen@nlm.no

(There is a lot of videofootage from our production here: facebook.com/urithiwaadamu )

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