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8x Flex 13 cameras for sale includes 2 MoCap suits- Biomechanics Lab

Posted: Fri Dec 14, 2018 6:42 pm
by andreavp
Biomechanics Lab selling OptiTrack MoCap set. Served as tools for a Biomechanics lab facility and all equipment is in "good as new" working condition.

Set up includes:

8x Flex 13 cameras

1x Motive:Body License ( needs renewal)

4x Extension Cables (USB)

2x Uplink Cables (USB)

1 Sync Cables (RCA)

8x Camera Cables (USB)

1 x CW-500 Calibration Wand

1x CS- 200 Calibration Square

1x Hardware Key

2x OptiHub 2's

2x 10ft tripods

1 x hardware key

And also comes w/2 MoCap Suits ( M and L) , 50 + markers and camera Wall mounts. This forum doesn't allow for images so contact me at for pictures and more details about the accessories that come included.

Asking for $13, 741


- This motion system is tested and in great working condition
-No cosmetical damage- no physical damage