Selling Slim 13E full setup

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Selling Slim 13E full setup

Post by Henry_SF » Tue Mar 24, 2020 5:24 am


I'm selling a nearly new Slim 13E setup. We used it for a pre-dev project (maybe 20 hours).

The package includes:
1x Active BaseStation
6x Slim 13E
6x Cat6 calble
6x simple wall mounting
1x HW Key
1x Active Puck
2x Active Tag
1x CSA-200 Active Calibration Sqaure
1x CWA-500 Active Calibration Wand Kit
1x X540-T1 Network Adapter
1x Netgear ProSafe GS728TTP (for up to 23 cameras)

The only thing you would need to buy in addition is a Motive SW Licence. Otherwise this setup is all you need to get started.

Price new would be $15.000.

The setup is located in Berlin, so shipping in Europe is not a problem.

If you have questions please post. For offers please send me a pm.

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