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Marketplace Rules and Disclaimer -- READ FIRST

Posted: Wed Jun 02, 2010 12:14 am
by Birch
This forum is provided to buy and sell used OptiTrack equipment.
  • You may not spam.
  • You are only permitted to sell your own (used) equipment or post requests to purchase on behalf of yourself.
  • When equipment has been sold please post follow up threads indicating it is no longer available.
  • All postings with software must identify the license valid period.
NaturalPoint provides this forum as a service to facilitate customers wishing to buy and sell used OptiTrack equipment. NaturalPoint does not guarantee the equipment offered here nor can NaturalPoint vouch for the people making or accepting offers. As with any buyer-seller relationship you will need to do your own research prior to purchasing. NaturalPoint is not responsible for any third-party transactions. Warranty on equipment will be provided as applicable to the original owner.