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Saving Frame

Posted: Tue Jun 26, 2018 8:54 am
by Massi
Hi everyone,
i'm new in this field and i'm facing on a problem with one camera Flex V100R2. I would like to save frames keeping the frame rate (about 100 Hz) and without losing any frame. Is there a way to figure out this issue? I tryed to implement some code starting from sample code provided by camera SDK using Visual Studio 2017. I'm able to get some frames, but the frame queue goes in overflow very quick, thus i lose most of the scene. For instance, if camera sampled at 100 Hz i would expected 6000 frames in 60 seconds of registration. Is it right? Instead, what i get is a frame rate about 11 Hz since in one minute i collect almost 700 files (each of them is a frame). I guess, this phenomena is due to the fact i try to write a file as soon as i got a new frame. But writing task needs time to be performed.
All advice welcome.