Data capture using Motive SDK

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Data capture using Motive SDK

Post by JeDi » Fri Jul 18, 2014 4:56 am


I am trying to use the Motive SDK (1.6 beta2) in combination with Qt (5.3) to capture data. I first did a calibration in the Motive:Tracker application, then closed it. Then I use the Motive SDK:
  • TT_Initialize();
  • TT_LoadCalibration(); with the saved calibration file from Motive:Tracker
Then, for dumping, I create an instance of our dumping class (derived from cTTAPIListener and use TT_AttachListener to attach it to the Motive system.

In the TTAPIFrameAvailable method, I iterate over all markers (TT_FrameMarkerCount) and write the 3D position and then for each camera (TT_FrameMarkerCount) the 2D centroid for that camera.

There are a couple of strange things that I would want an explanation for:
  • I have to use a timer and call TT_Update each frame, otherwise the listener is not called.
  • Looking at the frame data, I have a lot of frames with 0 cameras. Dropped frames so it seems.
Are the two problems related? Shouldn't the listener be called automatically, without me having to call TT_Update in a timer?

I'm also having trouble using the Camera SDK in combination with Qt ( ... 66&t=12802), but I have no dropped frames there so the camera connections are OK. I can also capture data using the Motive:Tracker application without problems.


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Re: Data capture using Motive SDK

Post by NaturalPoint-Dustin » Tue Jul 22, 2014 10:54 am

Thank you for submitting a post on the forums. I will ask a developer to submit a response.
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