Motive 1.7.3 is now available

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Motive 1.7.3 is now available

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Motive 1.7.3 is now available

Motive 1.7 introduces Calibration Engine 2.0, initial scripting support, numerous new options for external synchronization, and improved on-camera filtering for cleaner reconstructions—along with over 100 additional features, enhancements, and fixes.

Download 1.7.3 here. Unsure if you are are eligible for this release? Look up your license status.

New Features & Enhancements

Motive 1.7.3
  • Added support for new CS-400, CS-200, and CS-100 calibration squares.
  • Calibration squares are now automatically detected when setting the ground plane, allowing the ground plane often without selecting any markers.

Motive 1.7.2
  • Added an option to reconstruction that enables more exhaustive searching in cases where there are rays intersecting multiple times.
  • Fix for not being able to create and use a synchronizer with the Camera SDK.
  • Fix for takes incorrectly reporting that they are corrupted when attemping to load them from within the project directory.
  • Fix for loading rigid body definitions from project files that were created via the Motive API.
  • Fix for incorrect NatNet timestamps during playback when no cameras are connected.
  • Fix for S250e and eSync devices not properly resetting after updating to Motive 1.7.

Motive 1.7.1
  • Fix for rigid bodies possibly not importing correctly if they are copies of other rigid bodies.
  • Fix for nodes sometimes not being correctly removed from the scene if they were selected when removed.
  • Some modifications to frame synchronization in the CameraLibrary SDK.
  • When using the Motive API, ensure rigid body are selected so they are included in export operations.
  • Fix for occasional incorrect time stamps when switching between Edit and Live modes.
  • Fix for crash in Edit mode when modifying a camera frame rate.
  • Prevent frame rate changes in the Reference group from modifying the master time step size.
  • Fix for possible time range corruption on takes captured with Motive 1.7 Final.
  • Use underscores instead of dashes in marker names to improve readability and to eliminate issues using those names as channel names in analysis packages that parse the channel name as an expression.
  • Fix for saving to an existing project file name not correctly overwriting the previous file.

Motive 1.7.0
  • Calibration Engine 2.0, which provides much faster and more accurate camera calibrations. Calibrations will typically take a tenth of the time required previously, can calibrate hundreds of cameras together, and yield much better marker reconstruction quality.
  • Motive Batch Processor has been added, which is a specialized application for performing processing on any number of Take files. See documentation.
  • NMotive scripting framework and .NET assembly. This is at the heart of the Motive Batch Processor, and allows application developers to interact with core Motive functionality through C# or Python scripts that can be run independently from the Motive application.
  • New on-board camera marker segmentation and circularity filtering that better separates and classifies objects in the camera's view.
  • New take file format that utilizes data streaming, allowing very long take recordings limited only by available hard drive space. Take files load and keep only what is needed in memory, so even very large take files can be edited smoothly.
  • The eSync now supports several new trigger modes on its analog inputs, which are configurable in Motive.
  • Extensive review and revision of all internal and exported formats to standardize on right-handed coordinates. Left-handed coordinates are available in some exporters and data streams as an option.

    Users that utilize data streaming (via NatNet or third-party plugin) should consult this documentation to determine whether and how these changes impact your real-time pipeline.
  • Improved trajectorization from both Live 3D recording and offline reconstruction. Trajectories are much more contiguous and label swapping is reduced.
  • Takes are only saved when explicitly saved, or when the project file is saved, allowing multiple takes to remain resident in memory for fast switching between takes.
  • Calibration visualizations have been added to both the Prime Series status rings and Motive, making it much easier to see how many samples have been collected for a camera while wanding in a capture volume.
  • Asset management in the UI has been simplified and made more clear. Assets can be added to or removed from takes via drag and drop or context menu in one step.
  • Support for the industry-standard "Helen Hayes" marker set has been added.
  • C3D files now transmit Time Code information to a wide range of target packages.
  • Support for the new Wireless Active LED Calibration Wand has been added. The wand is available upon request.
  • Added new options for reconstruction that allow dynamic rigid body-assisted trajectorization for dense marker sets.
  • Plus over 100 additional enhancements and fixes.

View the entire changelog.

If you require technical support using Motive, please contact our technical support team.

Direct download link: ... al_x64.exe ... al_x32.exe

Requires a license valid through February 28, 2015 (check license status here).

Download section on the OptiTrack site: ... otive.html
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