Motive 1.10.0 Beta 1 is now available

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Motive 1.10.0 Beta 1 is now available

Post by NaturalPoint-Dustin » Thu May 05, 2016 1:25 pm


Motive 1.10.0 Beta 1 is now available

Motive 1.10.0 features native NI-DAQ device support, Bertec force plate integration, improved marker labeling tools, and rigid body solver optimizations for latency and tracking accuracy. This release enhances the performance and usability of Motive for several applications including VR, drone tracking, robot tracking, movement sciences, animation and others.

Watch a video about what's new in Motive 1.10.0 Beta 1 here.

Download Motive 1.10.0 Beta 1 here. Unsure if you are are eligible for this release? Look up your license status.

New Features & Enhancements

Motive 1.10.0 Beta 1
  • Native Bertec force plate support now allows for recording force plate data, visualizing force plate data in Live and Edit modes, exporting force plate data to C3D files, and streaming force plate data via NatNet.
  • Native NI-DAQ device support now allows for recording of analog data, visualizing analog data in Live and Edit modes, and exporting analog data to C3D files.
  • New Rizzoli biomechanical markersets.
  • Customizable marker labels, colors, and sticks provides better visualization for post processing of complex moves.
  • Ability to modify .tak files by trimming their start and/or end, and deleting 2D, audio, or video data.
  • Ability to perform calibrations on a subset of cameras with reduced wand wave, retaining the origin of the original volume.
  • Ability to launch the Motive Batch Processor from a new button at the top of the project panel.
  • New options for re-calibrating an existing skeleton.
  • System latency has been significantly improved for high camera counts as well as large numbers of rigid bodies.
  • Separated reconstruction and auto-labeling processes. This improves labeling workflows by allowing the auto-labeler to be run multiple times on the same recording.
  • Documentation for Motive has significantly improved over the last few months. Check out
View the entire changelog.

If you require technical support using Motive, please contact our technical support team.

Direct download link: ... a1_x64.exe ... a1_x32.exe

Requires a license valid through May 4, 2016 (check license status here).

Download section on the OptiTrack site: ... otive.html

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