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Need help with Motive 1.6 beta 2 64bit

Posted: Tue May 14, 2019 2:31 pm
by cmmurphy
I have an old version of motive (1.6 beta 2) that I need to find out how to label markers in. Actually any amount of 1.6 beta documentation would be great.

Above that, here's what we're trying to do: we have a ballistic vest that we want to mocap in order to determine how much the vest squashes and twists while being worn under standard combat conditions i.e. the vest will be stuck with markers and mocapped. We know that we cannot create custom marker sets. However, we think that if we can just get the raw marker xyz (global) positional data recorded over the course of a take, we'll have what we need. Any Ideas?

btw we're using 12 Flex 13 cameras.