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Motive API: AxisUp and DataStreaming?

Posted: Fri Mar 19, 2021 9:27 am
by BradenLuan
I'm currently working with Motive and using the Motive API to pull tracking data into a C++ project. The coordinate system I intend to use is ZUp, and and I know Motive is YUp by default. I tried to change the profile in Motive for Data Streaming to be ZUp, since I thought this would apply to the Motive API output. However, when looking at raw Quaternion and Pitch/Roll/Yaw values in my project, the values do not change at all if I use a profile with ZUp or YUp.

So I suppose I have three questions:

1. Do the AxisUp settings in DataStreaming apply to the Motive API's data when looking at tracked objects?
2. If yes, is there any reason my quaternion/rotation values for my RigidBody would be the same regardless of using ZUp or YUp?
3. If no, how do I manually convert from Y Up to Z Up? [my quaternion comprehension is quite bad]