X-Wing Alliance Upgrade 2020 and Automobilista 2

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X-Wing Alliance Upgrade 2020 and Automobilista 2

Post by Wolve » Wed Jan 13, 2021 12:40 pm

Now that SW Squadrons has it's own profile set in the supported games list, can we have the same for the great XWAUpgrade 2020 Mod?

It's the total overhaul for X-Wing Alliance that includes both VR and TrackIR support for it.

It just has to be activated in the babu Frik Configurator in Special Effects->Customize Special Effects->Headtracking.

I've tested it and it works, the only thing I'd like to do now is set a custom profile for the game.

It really transforms this old game, it is just as fast as it used to be and the AI is just as deadly as it used to be.

Second Automobilista 2 would be a great addition as well, it has TrackIR Support, but like Project cars, it needs to be started with the VR option.

P.S. recently used it in Star Citizen with the new headtracking options and it is awesome!

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