KAF Keymapper and NFS Series

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KAF Keymapper and NFS Series

Post by Ghaleon4 » Thu Aug 16, 2018 7:30 am

Hello everyone!
I'm trying to troubleshoot the implementation of a "Title" profile in TrackIR that I think has problems: KAF Keymapper.
Some of you may be familiar with (one of my personal heroes) Racer_S. He's released a ton of mods that introduce camera control to games that dont natively support it. I believe that for many of these titles (NFS:Hot Pursuit & NFS:The Run for sure) use a TitleID that TrackIR recognizes as 'KAF Keymapper'.

In my testing, titles that are recognized as KAF Keymapper by TrackIR only work for a few seconds before the tracking shuts off. Now here's the weird part - It only shuts off while my passive reflectors are detected by the camera. If the camera does see my reflectors, the software continues to track. As soon as I hold my track clip in front of the camera, it shuts off...! This does not occur in other titles; everything else seems fine.

Non-technical bleeding heart stuff:
I ****LOVE*** NFS:The Run. It's the most hated game by NFS fans (I think), but it's my favorite. Especially with head-tracking. This was %50 of the reason for purchasing a TrackIR unit. I know that these games are not in the officially supported list, but the profile that Racer_S used for his mods *is* in the supported list. I'm hoping that this is something that NaturalPoint might be able to identify/fix in a games list update. If it's not, I'm even considering learning some coding basics so that I can dive into Racer_S' source code and maybe compile another .DLL that uses a different profile in TrackIR -even if it takes me a year to figure it out. <-PLEASE don't make me resort to this, lol!!!

Thank you everyone!

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