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adding control points to curve

Posted: Thu Aug 27, 2020 4:43 am
by bwanaaa
I find it difficult to keep my view steady at extrem levels of zoom in DCS. To combat this , I keep the speed of the rotational axes low. Of course the problem with that is you cannot see a large arc without dislocating your neck.

To combat this, I like to make my config with a peak on each side so turning my head moves my view into two separate zones. Within each zone, my head movements are slow so I have good precision. To achieve this I move the control points into a 'stepped configuration' so that 4 control points make a step with a high plateau. As my head angle traverses the plateau, my view 'snaps'into the next zone.

The default config is 5 points on each side. I would like to make more 'steps' but I need 4 points to make a step , so I need more control points. How do I add them to the curve?