Which site will be good for buying OSRS gold?

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Which site will be good for buying OSRS gold?

Post by AmyStephen » Fri Nov 13, 2020 1:16 am

To judge whether a website is suitable for RS Gold trading, I have summarized a set of standards.

First of all, the website must operate normally and be Update from time to time. Customer service staff can be contacted at any time. Secondly, whether the price is reasonable, the price is too high or too low in my opinion are abnormal.

And the most important thing is When I buy Cheap OSRS Gold online,whether the transaction is guaranteed, fast delivery guarantee, security guarantee and refund terms, etc. These seem inconspicuous but are all important.

After repeated experiments, I am currently only active on familiar websites. I usually consult some things on RSgoldB2C, including product and game guides, because the owner of this website seems to be very familiar with this game, Maybe even a master.
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