Oblivion mod possible?

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Oblivion mod possible?

Post by ghodan » Fri May 18, 2007 2:19 am


I really would like to see support for Oblivion.
I did some checking myself and i think all the code needed for Track Ir support (Seperate head movement from body - or at least seperate eye view from body) is already in the game.

See my thread on the official oblivion forum:
http://www.bethsoft.com/bgsforums/index ... 694236&hl=

Maybe somebody could use this to make a mod for Track IR support in Oblivion?

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Re: Oblivion mod possible?

Post by warrenEBB » Fri May 18, 2007 11:54 am

Hi Ghodan,
Interesting investigation. Please do let us know if silverglade or others think they can add support. We would be happy to work with them.

Note that you can already use TrackIR with mouse emulation for the horse example in that thread.

the trick is whether 6DOF head motion is possible. If it is just 2DOF (yaw pitch), then we won't pursue it heavily (as it wouldn't showcase TrackIR well).

The other possible trick/complication is whether 6DOF movement could be easily tied into the character animation (so your hands adjust how they hold a weapon if you lean left, for example).
Also curious how the "bounding box" (the invisible and usually simplified version of your player model that is used for hit detection, and enemy AI). So it'd be interesting know if you can lean your head around a corner, and not have enemies see you. And if the bounding box is really just one big box in the game (instead of a handful of boxes around different body parts), then there might be an issue of leaning forward and sticking your POV through a wall. If the bounding box is really simple, then the designer would need to do special tricks to limit TrackIR usage so you don't break the reality of the game.

There's also a question of how your body is rendered. In most FPS applications, they optimize your body model to just be little flipper hands, and to only render the surfaces of your hands/weapons that can be seen from the standard perspective. so if you lean right, you might see "holes" in the back of your hands/weapons where they didn't bother to render things. It is often a tough struggle to convince developers to add to the processing overhead of rendering the whole body - just for TrackIR users to appreciate. They're also usually very touchy about supporting any controller that might expose unrendered parts of the art assets, even though there is community demand, because it just looks like a hack.

Soooo. sorry to ramble. but. could be tricky. We respect the ongoing interest in Oblivion support and will keep an eye on the mod community, but can't guarantee it will happen at the moment.

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