MechWarrior4:Mercenaries MTX, TRACKIR support for..

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MechWarrior4:Mercenaries MTX, TRACKIR support for..

Post by redcap036 » Mon Apr 04, 2011 8:33 pm

Hi First time poster, I'm looking for or requesting a game profile for Mechwarrior4;mercenaries the free download version put out by Mek Tek thru MTX,

This game already has, POV for joysticks, left, right, down, and back, in cockpit view and in 3rd person view.

As you all know, having TRACKIR helps alot with situational awareness in a game like Mechwarrior, inside the cabin or out in 3rd person view and yes of course we should have TRACKIR in 3rd person view as our mechs have windows that let the pilot see out of, (sorry sorry, gets off the soapbox)

And lastly the game is free and would add another cool FREE game with TRACKIR support to the COOL FREE Games with TRACKIR support ..list.

Also is there some way I can make/create my own game profile and add tracker to MW4?

Thank you for any information or replies.

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Re: MechWarrior4:Mercenaries MTX, TRACKIR support for..

Post by NaturalPoint - Mike » Tue Apr 05, 2011 9:08 am

Wow, another Mechwarrior fan...

I'd love to see TrackIR support in MW4, unfortunately we can't just make a profile for a game. The developers need to add the ability to hear our TrackIR device to the game by using our software development kit. The kit is available for developers, and they can get it by contacting us through our website.

On the plus side, it appears MW4 is still in active development, and if enough users can convince them of the level of interaction that a TrackIR will bring to their title, the integration should be relatively easy (And considering the Mechwarrior franchise's history of implementing VR attachments (Tesla II pod, hint hint) they really should want to jump on this).

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