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Post by bong69 » Sat Jan 18, 2003 9:05 am

Anyone remember this off road driving game? Well I dug it out and it has mouse view! what a hoot!!

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Re: Insane

Post by dazed » Mon Jan 20, 2003 6:33 pm

I remember it but totaly forgot it had mouselook in it! I installed it again and went for a ride. Your right, what a hoot!!!! A bit confusing to start with but you soon get used to it. Looking at the scenery wizz by when you glance left and right or to check your mirrors gives you an even greater sense of speed than you usually get by only looking straight ahead. Damn!, from this moment in time i declare ill never play any driving games that do not support TIR ever again......not just the flight sims

Cheers for the reminder

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Re: Insane

Post by Hotdognz » Mon Jan 20, 2003 8:12 pm

I have Insane but its sitting in storage with all my other houshold good in New Zeland DOH

Ah well at least ill get to use Track Ir with it when i have done my TOD here in the UK, only 1.5 more years to go

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