Flanker 2.5

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Flanker 2.5

Post by DEmonGHost » Wed Mar 05, 2003 9:40 am

Has anyone had success at using TrackIR with flanker 2.5.

just got my TrackIR and imediately upgraded to new version
It seems to work quite well when using it with flanker except that it tends to wonder of center often.
I have read that using the old software may work better??

Also i found better tracking by using a domed top usually found on items such as aftershave or deodorant.
I use the top off the LINKS deodorant spray.

Stick five dots in a diamond shape. place one in the middle and then stick the other four dots each dot touching the one in the middle slightly, make two holes at sides for rubber bands and attach to forehead.

I also found slight improvement by enclosing the camara in a black box that stops any light entering it side ways.

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