With Love from Russian pilots

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With Love from Russian pilots

Post by ROSS_ANGEL » Thu Nov 21, 2002 1:04 am

Hi dear friends! I've got some problems with TrackIR.
I'm IL2 and MFS pilot .
The problem is, that while using trakIR, the CPU usage grows 8-10% per every 30min of using it.

The Hardware configurations is as follows:

AMD Athlon 2200XP+ 512 DDR 400
Geforce 4 TI4400 128 DDR SDRAM

We've tried to solve this problem and came to conclusion, that while using trakIR the number of handles (allocated by process of Windows Task Manager, naturalpoint.exe) grows, and that fact keeps CPU more busy in time and FPS in the games are climbing down.
The point is the numbers of handles are climbing up in one point per second if TrackIR doesn't work (not activated) and the greenlight not indicated.
But when I touch my ring and trackIR is going to be activated with its greenlight, the number of handles stays at level.
Another proplem I have is Windows Task Manager can't shut down the trakIR's process in the operation system.
It closes only interface of the software.
But the hardware configurations with Pentium processor doesn't have this problems. It's only for AMD processors I mean :-(
So we think that's problem of software.

the drivers version is 1.22gx

With Love from Russia and sorry for poor English
The ROSS pilots, www.rossteam.ru

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