TrkIR-3 doesn't work with Falcon4: Allied For

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Re: TrkIR-3 doesn't work with Falcon4: Allied For

Post by TrackIR_user » Fri Oct 21, 2005 11:48 am

quote:Originally posted by Hotdognz:
I fixed it Wayne by clicking Help, Check for game updates, restarted Track IR and F4 - Allied Force was in the profiles list and it woks great.OK, got TrackIR3 Pro, Vector Expansion, TrackIR
Verions 4.1 Build 27 and running Falcon 4.0 Allied Force. New to Allied Force but not FS2004.

Is it the config of Falcon 4.0 AF limitation for having jerky movement unlike FS2004 which is extremely smooth when using TrackIR in virtual cockpit?

Any ideas and/or help to make TrackIR smooth
for F4.0 AF similar to FS9 would be greatly appreciated.

I'm hoping it is not F4.0 AF limitation and just
me not configuring properly.



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Re: TrkIR-3 doesn't work with Falcon4: Allied For

Post by Oz_Cougar » Sat Oct 22, 2005 10:35 am

For anyone who is interested .... here is my profile for F4AF + TrackIR3 + VE: ... con_AF.xml

Just right click on the link and "Save as ..." and save the file in your TrackIR profiles directory.

Then open the TrackIR software and from the options in the drop down box beside Falcon Allied Force select this profile.

Works great for me .... nice and smooth.


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Re: TrkIR-3 doesn't work with Falcon4: Allied For

Post by ThePlainsman » Sat Nov 12, 2005 8:27 am

quote:Originally posted by Laz:
Hi Murrman

Did you solve the problem? if so how.

I'm having the same problem with PFm

A slightly different problem with F4 is Trackir registers that the game is running but does nothing, both blue and green leds are on. F4 did work when i first installed Trackir & the 6 degree 2 days ago but now grr......

CheersAs a noob with this device I found out the hard way that the F9 key disables the device. I hit F9 whilst playing Wings Over Vietnam and the TrackIR ability vanished. I couldn't figure out what was wrong.

The device was all lighted up, blue and green, but it wasn't working until I hit F9 again and it came back (no, I didn't read the manual or any instructions). I

t's such a little stupid thing, but in searching for the correct "fly by" key, I hit all of the F keys in sequence and could not tell at first which key disabled the TIR3Pro. I figured out what I'd done by peeking at the manual/instructions.

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Re: TrkIR-3 doesn't work with Falcon4: Allied For

Post by C3PO » Tue Nov 15, 2005 7:54 am

Hi All,

Our forthcoming patch for Allied Force (Patch Three, taking the simulation to version 1.0.4) has improved TrackIR support.

From the changelog:

Better TrackIR support in 2D pit. 2D pit panels are switched to using absolute TIR azimuth/elevation position.

Using keyboard, mouse or POV in 2D pit to change view, will temporarily disable TIR view changes, until TIR is moved preset angle (70 deg) from last position, or until view is returned to the last view where TIR was used.

12 o'clock one-click down view is skipped over during TrackIR panning since it's too close to main view and would be too easy to change to it by accident.

Using normal POV/keyboard panning you can still change to this view.

Hope this helps. BTW, some great new features in this patch, take a look at the screens below:

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Re: TrkIR-3 doesn't work with Falcon4: Allied For

Post by rodom » Fri Nov 18, 2005 6:33 am

Excellent Screen shots!

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