AF 1.04 brings better 2D panning

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AF 1.04 brings better 2D panning

Post by snake122 » Fri Dec 16, 2005 6:04 pm

Finally 2D cockpit panning in Falcon isn't done by using your head as a hat switch. They have actually tied in the axis values to specific parts of the 2D cockpit. It isn't as good as 3D panning but as good as you can get with 2D IMHO.

Now if they could implement greater than 2DOF support.

I've had 3DOF in BMS with the zoom axis and TIR2JOY but unfortunately you can't do this with the current TIR software because of it only supporting one program at a time

Also TIRF4 in SP4 .exe is 3DOF supporting roll of all things.

Falcon also has the ability to translate left, right, up and down in the other axes as the dynamic head movement config option in non-Af version show. Although it's not very far, it's a start.

I wish LP could pull these features together...

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Re: AF 1.04 brings better 2D panning

Post by Flyer » Tue Dec 27, 2005 4:37 am

I wanna see 6DOF in the 3D pit. That 2D pit is horrible. When I am on apporach I have to switch to 3D to drop the gear then switch back to 2D just to keep the runway in sight. Actually i can drop the gear with my CH HOTAS, but I can't see I have 3 greens down and locked. You never trust that the gear is have to visually check it. JUst because you hear them drop does not mean they are locked.

There are a few other issues with using the 2D pit as well.

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