HTCVive Optitrack Sync via Optihub2

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HTCVive Optitrack Sync via Optihub2

Post by TheoPerrin » Thu Jan 18, 2018 9:13 am

Hello everyone,

I am trying to synchronize a HTC Vive and an Optitrack system (Flex3) connected with an Optihub 2. Before this, I separated the optitrack and the vive by using 2 differents computers to avoid usb connexion problems (it worked until the IR interference problem came).

Actually, the support about Optitrack and HMD's sync dont give me real answers to solve this problem. The synchronization tool with optihub 2 isn't similar and there is no feedback to know if a synchronization succeded.

Has anyone ever done this manipulation and could give me some advice ?

More over, how work the 3D Glasses Synchronization ?

Many thanks for your answers


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