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Oculus says Critical Error - can't find the sensor :(

Posted: Sat Aug 18, 2018 12:56 am
by BrunoMartelli
Posted this originally in the wrong board...

Using Optitrack with the Unreal Engine plugin I get an error '(Critical Error - can't find the sensor) ' from Oculus. Any ideas how to get around this?
Also in the docs under the Unreal section 'Inputting the Streaming ID information for tracking the HMD' in the pic both Server and Client are set to the same address - this is for local loopback I guess, but when it's server machine & client machine, the address should be the respective IP's no?

Re: Oculus says Critical Error - can't find the sensor :(

Posted: Sat Aug 25, 2018 8:30 am
by BrunoMartelli
ok no-one seems to know, so this is what I've discovered so far.
The image in the docs is misleading - in the Unreal plugin, the server address should be set to the Optitrack computer IP, the Client address should be set to the machine address that Unreal is running on. i.e. the headset machine.

It still gives an error if the sensor is not plugged in. But when you plug the sensor in (covered with a tshirt) it does work. Again this is against what the docs say and of course if like me, you have a backpack PC, you now have sensor plugged into. Hmm maybe take it off the stand and put it in your pocket? I'm guessing that its something to do with some sort of USB connection warning that is on the Oculus side.

Now the next problem is that the tracking is fine for rotation (which comes from the Oculus) but bad for position (from the Optitrack)