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Optitrack in Unreal with HasAuthority.

Posted: Sun Apr 14, 2019 3:43 pm
by beef

We are trying to use Optitrack in Unreal 4.20. I am curious if you or any of your customers have tried to build multiplayer games using your plugin.

It's not clear what design choices Optitrack has made with regard to spawning HMD pawns. Looking at the code in AOptitrackHMDPawn::Tick, it seems the position is updated without regard to whether the actor is running on the client vs. the server. That is, there is no HasAuthority check. What happens if this pawn is spawned on the server? Then Tick will try and update the position of the HMD on the server and the client, and if it's replicated (which isn't clear) the client's position will be overridden by the server's, which will feel laggy.

I've read through all your documentation. Perhaps there are some (unwritten) best practices for using your plugin with multiplayer games?

Best, -Kevin