Compatibility Problems - Wireless VivePro, OpenVR, and OptiTrack

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Compatibility Problems - Wireless VivePro, OpenVR, and OptiTrack

Post by TauchmannTuChemnitz » Tue Jul 02, 2019 7:32 am


I am working on a room-scale setup (6mx5m) that incorporates a VivePro with wireless adapter which will be used to create experiments in VR.
OptiTrack is going to be used to implement tracking of objects in VR and I would also like to use the system to track the VivePro itself.

I was able to successfully stream tracking data from motive on one PC to SteamVR on another PC via OptiTrack OpenVR. The tracking itself is very smooth but I have encountered two problems I cannot solve.

1. The two Vive-Controllers are not perfectly oriented towards the HMD (i.e. when I hold the controllers in front of my face in the real world, the controllers are floating in the air 1m to the left in the virtual world). Or maybe the controllers are oriented correctly but the first person camera is not.
2. The controllers as well as the HMD are drifting quite a lot (i.e. they are turning/floating around their own axis in addition to the tracking movement). Sometimes it seems like the virtual first person camera has some kind of momentum that is applied to the camera's movement everytime the HMD is moved.

This is all tested in the SteamVR home environment. I am using Motive 2.1.1 and a system with eight Prime 13 cameras.

Have you encountered these problems and found a solution and/or know what might be causing them?


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