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Oculus Update breaks all?!

Posted: Wed Jul 31, 2019 4:41 pm
by BrunoMartelli
I had a compulsory Oculus update and it seems to break everything to do with Optitrack Unreal plugs. Before all was sweet, could use virtual desktop etc. Update gives 'CRITICAL ERROR sensor not found' which can't be skipped or selected. Only way round is to plug-in sensor, unclip the OptiOcuClip and set up the headset. Then unplug the sensor and replace the headset clip. Now the selection spot (that can be used with the remote) is way offset and the floor level is wrong in the 'menu' screen. So virtual desktop can't be selected, which is a shame as I previously wasn't using a monitor at all. With Unreal 4.21 and Optitrack 4.21 Oculus update seems to also break the Optitrack tracking.
My questions are:
1. is it just me?
2. Is there a way to go back to the previous Oculus version that worked great.
3. is there a special way to get it to work?
Bonus question - for the Optitrack tracking with a Vr backpack Pc it would be nice to run it on a dedicated WIFI router with no internet, BUT of course Oculus seems to demand internet in order to work. Has anyone got a workaround?