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Enquiry about Authetication process on OculusHMD

Posted: Tue Oct 08, 2019 2:32 am
by yjh
Hi my team is working on Unreal with Plugin version 1.20(for UE4.20), and posting this to share our issue.

During the early stage of runtime, the log is saying that "OCULUSHMD_OPTITRACK: Sensor fusion failed to initialize.", and rendering just one frame of random screen on HMD.
Based on the source of OculusHMD.cpp, I was suspecting that the result of NaturalPointHmd_ValidateAuthentcationToken(Line 359 of OculusHMD.cpp) from DLL is giving false.

And one more strange thing is that there is significant time different between "OCULUSHMD_OPTITRACK: Initializing sensor fusion." and "OCULUSHMD_OPTITRACK: Sensor fusion failed to initialize.", which is about 2 seconds. So I do not think it is properly set, but I want to ask what is the condition to NaturalPointHmd_ValidateAuthentcationToken to be true to get the clue about.