Tracking problems with TrackClip Pro

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Tracking problems with TrackClip Pro

Post by NaturalPoint.Kai » Wed Sep 23, 2020 4:37 pm

Open up the TrackIR software to test your TrackClip Pro.

Is the head tracking backward or erratically?
  • Check if the TrackClipPro button is selected under “Basic Settings”
Under Camera Settings, is there a Camera Rotation set?
Check if the clip mounted correctly:
  • The clip should be positioned above the arms with the LED’s
  • The clip should be mounted on the left side of your head
Picking up eyeglass reflections with TrackClipPro?
In the Basic Settings, make sure the TrackClipPro Tracking Target is selected. In the Camera tab under the Advanced Settings, adjust the IR Brightness slider to 0. Additionally, you can adjust to the setting defaults by following these steps:
  • Click on the TrackClipPro button on the left panel. This will reset all the camera settings back to the default for using TrackClipPro, and the IR LEDs on the device will be turned off.
  • You can also store the default settings by clicking on the “Reset to defaults” while the TrackClipPro button is selected at the top.