Vector just not working

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Vector just not working

Post by tkairshows » Sat Oct 15, 2005 12:38 pm

My dot mode with the track hat (and no vector)works great. When I use the vector clip in dot mode the 2 lower dots are white and the upper dot is green. Pitch does not seem to work well but yaw does fine. When I go to vector mode the damn program goes crazy. If I yaw my head, the on screen head rotates in several different direction.

I used to use the vector function several months ago before I moved to Alaska. Worked fine then with the older software and really until BOB came out I had no need to used the vector clip.

I have been using TIR since day one (TIR1) so I have re-installed drivers, I am using latest software .27, adjusted the light filters, adjusted the dot size, I am exactly 28 inches from my unit. I have covered the center hat dot so I have no jerking around. The track window shows that I have a good signal on all 3 dots.

I am at a loss, any suggestions?

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Re: Vector just not working

Post by MCPony » Mon Oct 17, 2005 2:29 am

You do know that you have to switch to vector mode to use the vector clip, at which point you should have 3 green dots.

Also go to the "tracking" screen and make sure your not moving your hard outside the tracking area, that will make it go crazy.

IF you use the track hat then ive noticed turning to extreme may make one of the dots come out of the tracking field which means the TrackIR picks up the dot in the peak of the track hat as the 3rd vector reflector, which will make it go crazy because the dimensions are wrong.

hope that actually made sense

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