RB_SetPointCloudTrackingParams() always crashes

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RB_SetPointCloudTrackingParams() always crashes

Post by nflow » Thu Jul 24, 2008 11:54 am


I`m trying to set the MinRays, Residual, MinAngle, MinRayLength and MaxRayLength parameters of the point cloud by using RB_SetPointCloudTrackingParams, but my program crashes no matter where or how I call it. These parameters are easily controllable in Arena but I need to rely solely on the SDK since I'm working on a real-time application that does its own labelling.

-I`m using 12 V100 cameras with Arena 1.2.03 and OptiTrack Sdk 1.1.034.

-I'm using point cloud markers only (no rigid bodies) since the markers are part of a deformable surface.

-I`m currently using the PointCloud api to load the calibration profile, start the cameras, and acquire data. I am also initially calling

-I tried to add RB_LoadProfile(), RB_InitializeRigidBody() and RB_StartCameras() to my current code, unsuccessfully.

-I tried to use only the RigidBody sdk by calling RB_LoadProfile(), RB_InitializeRigidBody() and RB_StartCameras(), unsuccessfully.

-I tried to fetch the parameters using RB_GetPointCloudTrackingParams() but I get the same behavior (crash) as when I'm trying to set them.

Any help would be really appreciated!



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Re: RB_SetPointCloudTrackingParams() always crashes

Post by beckdo » Thu Jul 24, 2008 1:25 pm

Hey Epp,

My advice is to use the Rigid Body DLL exclusively to access everything you need. Do not create the PointCloud & CameraCollection objects as all three need exclusive access to work properly.

If you've got some code you'd like to share, I'd be happy to take a look.


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