TrackIR keys not working with IL-2

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TrackIR keys not working with IL-2

Post by Detritus » Sat Feb 04, 2012 6:13 pm

I am copying this from the 1c 4.11 - 6DOF debugging forum
Originally Posted by kpax
I have a TiR 5.0 and it works with IL2 4.11m. I have defined hotkeys to pause and center the trackir.
I have two problems with TiR in game :
hotkeys do not respond in IL2 (not possible to pause or center track ir)

What can I do to make all of this work ?


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On C6 forum JV69_Kartoffe gave me the solution. [color:#FF0000]IL2.exe and TrackIr.exe must run both with same rights : admin or not.[/color] So I put both executables to run in admin mode and I got back the TiR hotkeys while running IL2.

If this can help some body....

This got my re-center and pause working again in IL-2!

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