Jitter when turning to right?

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Re: Jitter when turning to right?

Post by NaturalPoint - Mike » Mon Jun 25, 2012 9:26 am

Would it be possible to get a more complete screenshot of your TrackIR software posted to the thread? The ability to see relevant settings along with the issue as presented in the HUD and the camera sub window would be very helpful.

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Re: Jitter when turning to right?

Post by jjshtx » Wed Jun 27, 2012 12:50 pm

I just received my TrackIR and TrackClip Pro yesterday and have a similar, if not the same, issue with mine. I could turn my head to the left and reach 180 degrees behind me, but when I turned to the right, it would go off track, usually around the 130-150 degree area.

I played around with the camera and TrackClip Pro quite a bit, and I think one issue is that the headstrap on my headphones have a slant to them, so the TrackClip Pro does not face straight ahead toward the monitor but sits at an angle facing the right side of my monitor.

I found an old pair of headphones where the TrackClip Pro faced forward and it seemed to work fine, then.

This might not be the solution, but just wanted to offer up what I discovered in a similar situation.


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Re: Jitter when turning to right?

Post by poboy975 » Thu Jun 28, 2012 10:25 am

Hi, I came across this thread as I'm having the exact same problem. I just bought my TrackIr 5 and TrackClip Pro. When I turn left it smoothly turns all the way, but when I turn right it turns to right about -50deg then starts erratic behavior. I have made sure that I'm using the TrackClipPro setting as you can see from the screenshot. Btw, if I switch to the normal Trackclip, it works with no problems. This also happens when I look up, once I reach -30 to -35 degrees it becomes erratic.

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Re: Jitter when turning to right?

Post by ottonie » Tue Aug 07, 2012 2:48 am

I had now little time to dig into this since I had the same problem with my TrackClip Pro. It's been quite unusable, I have been flying with the hatclip on my headset.

I found something that at least allows me to fly with the pro-clip as well. You first of all check that the clip is facing straight ahead on your headset. Then position the TrackIR unit on the right side of your monitor and "aim" it so to have your 3 green dots in the center of the camera view-screen in the TrackIR-software. This eliminated most of the jitters with me, I can now look almost 180deg when turning left or right.

I don't know then if my TrackClip was not completely straight since the unit lost track of the dots when turning my head about 50deg to the right with the camera positioned as per the quick start guide. I cannot see any significant decrease in accuracy even with the TrackIR positioned the way described above.

Give it a try and let people know if it helps.

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