New SmartNav 4 AT not working on laptop that had old one

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New SmartNav 4 AT not working on laptop that had old one

Post by chracatoa » Tue Dec 25, 2018 8:58 am

My brother-in-law has a SmartNav camera since about 2007/2008. Besides the SmartNav camera, the only other way he can communicate with us is when blinking his eyes as we follow a table of colors and letter.

For Christmas we gave him the latest model (SmartNav 4 AT) but it doesn't work on his laptop. It does work on a different laptop that didn't have a SmartArt device ever.

I suspect there's a problem with the driver, but natural point doesn't have a way to install the latest driver. Reinstalling the app doesn't fix it (because, I assume, the old driver is still there).

We can see the infrared lights working, but not the led on top of it on his computer (the led blinks different colors when we plug it in). But it doesn't work after that. Old camera still works on same USB.

Any help? Thanks!

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Re: New SmartNav 4 AT not working on laptop that had old one

Post by joe.lee » Thu Dec 27, 2018 2:10 pm


Thank you for using SmartNav.

Could you please check the Device Manager and see how SmartNav gets listed in there? When everything is working fine, it will get listed under NaturalPoint device. Also, when doing the re-install, I would make sure to uninstall the NaturalPoint USB Driver as well, so that the driver also gets reset.

If this doesn't resolve the problem, please send us an email to get direct assistance:

NaturalPoint | Customer Support

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