NatNet 4.1 is now available

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NatNet 4.1 is now available

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NatNet 4.1 is now available

This version of the NatNet SDK adds some improvements and fixes to the previous release. It is intended to work smoothly with all versions of Motive.

Note: Direct Depacketizers Only (those not using NatNet) : The 4.1.0 update includes bitstream syntax changes to allow Trained Markerset data over the network. This requires any direct depacketizers to update their code. Please note this update now also allows clients to specify a specific bitstream version. So, going forward, if specified, you will no longer need to update your code when the bitstream changes. Please refer to the details and examples for more information.

Download NatNet 4.1 here.

New Features & Enhancements
  • Trained Markersets - Added support for streaming Trained Markerset data as a sAssetData type.
  • Futureproofing for Direct Depacketizers - Requestable Bitstream Syntax Version protects direct depacketizer clients against bitstream changes in future Motive versions.
  • Added PTP timestamping support. See PacketClient and SampleClient to illustrate usage.
  • MinimalClient - Added a new very short sample application.
  • Updated .NET - Updated .NET to v4.7.2 for managed library example (NatNetML and WinForms).
  • SampleClient shows All IP Addresses - The SampleClient now lists the IP address from both the sender and the local computer to help diagnose network connection issues.

Detailed information for the NatNet SDK can be found in our online documentation.