Nvidea Update Broke Track IR

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Nvidea Update Broke Track IR

Post by jeffrules8888 »


Just bought track ir, using the hat clip.

Installed last night, all latest drivers. Working well.

Today, start my pc, Nvidea does an update. Now to version 546.17.

Track IR starts ok. No lights on track ir device, does not recognize any head movement, both in game and also when just the track IR software is open.

Tried re-installing track IR, no change.

What a great piece of software... considering how much money these cost, they should not break on basic graphic card udpates.

Can anyone suggest a fix? Is it common to break after video card udpates? :evil:
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Re: Nvidea Update Broke Track IR

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Hello jeffrules8888,

It is not common for updates to other drivers to cause TrackIR to stop working but there can occasionally be conflicts that are usually easily resolved. Can you open up the Device manager and see if Track IR 5 is listed under NaturalPoint Devices? If not, try unplugging and plugging it back in to see if it shows up as an 'Unknown Device' somewhere else. Once you locate it, you will want to update the drivers for it.

Right click on it and select update driver. Choose the option to 'Browse my computer for driver software', and then Browse to this location: C:\Program Files (x86)\NaturalPoint\USB Drivers x64\npusbio_x64.

Please let me know if you don't see the device and we'll try something else.

Kind Regards,
Jillian Smythe
TrackIR Support Representative
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