Track IR Viewpoint shaking/jitter

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Track IR Viewpoint shaking/jitter

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I am having an issue with my Track IR 5, which I use for DCS. In short, the viewpoint constantly shakes a small amount, which is quite noticeable in game. Even with very high smoothing settings, the effect is noticeable.

Additionally, when I re-center, the location of my view immediately shifts off-center by a small amount. Finally, when I move my view on the yaw axis (turn my head), my view drifts to the center after stopping motion.

When I look in camera view in the trackIR program, the edges of the detected IR sensors constantly flicker. Please see this video: . You can also see the movement of the center point. (In this video precision mode is not activated, but the problem is the same in either mode).

Background facts, addressing common solutions:
My track IR camera is properly on the top of my monitor facing my track IR track clip pro. The room is very dark. There is no interference nor does any show up on Camera View. I see all three green IR receivers on Camera view. Light Filter Threshold and IR Brightness do not affect the problem. My TrackIR is plugged into a powered USB slot with proper power management settings.

Please help me fix this problem with my Naturalpoint TrackIR TrackClipPRO product. Thank you.
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Re: Track IR Viewpoint shaking/jitter

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Hello Prospector,

Thank you for your patience. Do you see the same drifting behavior when using both the TrackClip and the TrackClip Pro? Have you tested using the default profile?

Kind Regards,
Jillian Smythe
TrackIR Support Representative
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