Track IR 5 Program "Not Responding"

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Track IR 5 Program "Not Responding"

Post by CollinFlys »

I've uninstalled and reinstalled the program multiple times. At first, it worked perfectly. After quitting X-Plane and Track IR, it stopped working. Every time I go to open the program, it will go to my second monitor under the taskbar. After disabling the taskbar, I discovered that it was a blank white screen with "not responding" in the top left corner. I also cannot maximize the window (10-11% usage on my CPU). Thanks.
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Re: Track IR 5 Program "Not Responding"

Post by Chris.Johnson »

Just as an update:

We were able to resolve this issue in a remote session. Here is what we did:

1. Remove TrackIR from add/remove programs
2. Remove NaturalPoint Drivers from add/remove programs.
3. Delete NaturalPoint folder from: C:\Users\[Your.User.Name]\AppData\Roaming\NaturalPoint\
-This will delete any saved profiles. You will want to save them before deleting [Step 5].
C:\Users\[Your.User.Name]\AppData\Roaming\NaturalPoint\TrackIR 5\Profiles
4. Open regedit.exe as an administrator
5. Search for and delete files labeled as "NaturalPoint"
6. Search for and delete files labeled as "TrackIR"
7. Right-click on the installer and 'Run as administrator'
-You only have to do this the first time
All the Best,
Chris Johnson
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Re: Track IR 5 Program "Not Responding"

Post by Rensiur »

Ok, I did this two times now, and after the recent windows update TrackIR freezes again.

Just a heads up, the solution is good, but seems not to solve the root cause issue.
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Re: Track IR 5 Program "Not Responding"

Post by MaulkinGrey »

It appears that the issue depends on where you last closed your TrackIR application window. If you have a second monitor and you close the app with it moved over there, then it will not allow the app to open there the next time. To fix this I would need to open the file:

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\NaturalPoint\TrackIR 5\Settings.xml

and change the following values:


This would bring the window back to the main monitor when the app is started, preventing the crash.
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