NatNet SDK 4.0.0 on ARMv7 & ARM64

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NatNet SDK 4.0.0 on ARMv7 & ARM64

Post by pintout »

Hi there !

I was very pleased to see the recent updated of the NatNet SDK to version 4.0.0 ! I cannot wait to try Motive 3.0 either!

I was also glad to see Ubuntu and Fedora support for this 4.0 version.

I'm currently working on an application that will require receiving NatNet data on Android devices and orther ARM based devices. So I wondered if it's plausible to see in the near future .so files compiled for ARMv7 & ARM64 ? (or amreabi-v7a and arm64-v8a if you prefer)

Direct depacketization would also be an option but I would rather use the SDK.

Best regards,
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Re: NatNet SDK 4.0.0 on ARMv7 & ARM64

Post by berayksl »

Did you find a way to install on ARM64? I'm trying to install NatNet SDK on my Nvidia Jetson Orin Nano which has an aarch64 architecture and I'm having issues because the .so file is only compiled for x86-64 systems
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