DCS Shaking jitter in and out

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DCS Shaking jitter in and out

Post by Eggs »

Hi - I am trying to get Track IR track clip working with DCS. It works great with MSFS and it used to work well with DCS, but I haven't been back for a while. The Track IR setup screen is all smooth and the reflectors are all being picked up fine. But when I get into a plane in DCS it starts popping in and out really fast. Like a back and forth jitter. Wondering if anyone has seen this.
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Re: DCS Shaking jitter in and out

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Hello Eggs,

If the TrackIR Software is tracking your movements normally, then there may be a setting in DCS that is causing the issue. You may also need to try using a different profile in the TrackIR software. Does switching from Default to One:One make a difference?

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Jillian Smythe
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