Motive 1.8.0 is now available

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Motive 1.8.0 is now available

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Motive 1.8.0 is now available

Motive 1.8.0 brings substantial improvements to skeleton tracking, a new rigid body engine featuring smoother and more stable data, UI enhancements aimed at simplifying post-processing, and extensive additions to the Motive Batch Processor via our NMotive scripting interface.

Download Motive 1.8.0 here. Unsure if you are are eligible for this release? Look up your license status.

Important Notes
  • The definition of the value for Residual in the Reconstruction pane has changed to it is now defined as the radius of that sphere, so values for Residual in Motive 1.8.0 should typically be set to half of what they were in previous versions of Motive.
  • The rigid body solver has been substantially redesigned to improve accuracy and stability. Because of this, any Take files that were reconstructed and auto-labeled in a previous release of Motive will need to be reconstructed and auto-labeled again in Motive 1.8.0 for rigid bodies to animate correctly.
New Features & Enhancements

Motive 1.8.0
  • All-new rigid body solver that takes advantage of additional information to produce much more stable solutions.
  • Motive Batch Processor (through the NMotive scripting interfaces) now supports access and editing of scene nodes, channel information, and keyframe data.
  • Skeleton tracking has been significantly improved to adapt to difficult tracking situations.
  • The calibration in use when Motive shuts down will automatically load when re-launching Motive.
  • Unlimited custom UI layouts can now be saved and easily retrieved. Additionally, a default layout can be selected which will be restored each time when starting Motive.
  • Recording and playback of audio from standard Windows audio devices is now fully supported, and audio files can now be explicitly exported from Take files.
View the entire changelog.

If you require technical support using Motive, please contact our technical support team.

Direct download link: ... al_x64.exe ... al_x32.exe

Requires a license valid through August 5, 2015 (check license status here).

Download section on the OptiTrack site: ... otive.html

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