Prepar3d v4 view settings?

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Prepar3d v4 view settings?

Post by Flying Bear » Wed Jun 06, 2018 10:11 pm


How can I control how TrackIR influences the views in Prepar3d v4?

How I would like it:

1. Use TrackIR to control the view in cockpit, not use TrackIR to control the view direction in external view.
2. In external view, let TrackIR control the camera direction and the POV hat on the stick or yoke control the camera position anchored on the plane (same as it works in DCS World).

How it works now:
TrackIR controls the view in the cockpit (awesome!!!), but in external view TrackIR controls horizontal rotation while the POV hat controls vertical rotation. If I have my head straight I see the plane from directly behind; to see it from any other direction I have to keep my head twisted.

Are there some settings or a configuration file somewhere that influences this? I asked the Prepar3d developers and they referred me here.


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