wireless active gloves - simple or individual fingers

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wireless active gloves - simple or individual fingers

Post by artoo » Sat Aug 31, 2019 10:37 am


we made a bunch of active gloves and do not need them anymore.


- these gloves use the tech from the active pucks, which have 8 leds.
- the curcuit board and a battery are in a little 3d printed case on the back of the hand.
- the leds are soldered, shrinkwrapped and held in place by a 3d printed flat mount and velcro.
- the cables are properly crimped and have a bit of slag in case of bigger hands.
- the active puck casing with all leds and connectors is included.

the version for single fingers use a special medical tape to hold the leds. this is very comfortable to wear and holds even on swetty or wet fingers. this does not wear out, but i throw in 2 spare rolls and a amazon link to the item if you ever need new tape

to use the active finger tracking, you need a fairly up to date version of motive.
and also a active base station

if anybody would like to buy such from me, please let me know.

greetings from Germany

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